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Client: Office Watercoolers
Description: Bespoke content management system
Technologies: XHTML/CSS, PHP, SEO

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It's tough making websites; customers continually change their requirements, they change plans at the drop of a hat and demand top search engine positions from day one! You need to balance those changing requirements whilst maintaining your professional standards.

If your business is struggling to meet demand, and needs the help of a top quality web team, we can help.

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We love making websites, we have a passion for the web and love finding and developing elegant solutions to complex technical problems.

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"This system is bloody ace! Really good." Rupert Cross, Crossroads Design

"Our web designers did a fantastic job" Steve Farrell, webgolfcoach ltd

"This is lovely, you always do the designs justice, can't believe how accurately you copy them!"
Caroline Watson, Firewhacker

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Cascade is our in-house, custom CSS framework. Like all good CSS frameworks, Cascade is designed to help you work faster, spend less time fixing bugs and less time cross browser testing.

It's designed to speed up the CSS development life cycle by standardising web browsers and enforcing good practices. Best of all, it's 100% free to use as we're releasing it under an MIT licence. Enjoy!

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